Bella Lash & Beauty was founded in 2018 by Isabella Greco. Isabella has been apart of the beauty industry for over 8 years.  Isabella is currently a 4x Certified Eyelash Technician, Brow Specialist, Permanent Makeup Artist, and Eyelash Trainer. In the spring of 2023, Isabella proudly graduated from the University of Western Ontario, marking a significant milestone in her academic journey. Her passion for eyelash services led her to create Bella Lash & Beauty's first certificate training program; The Accelerated Eyelash Master Program. Isabella allocates her valuable knowledge and entrepreneurship skills into a program that is created for individuals who strive to run a business in the popular eyelash industry. Bella Lash & Beauty has expanded their service offerings and team over the recent years. Together, they are committed to delivering exceptional beauty services that enhance natural beauty and boost confidence. Isabella envisions Bella Lash & Beauty as a positive force for change in the beauty industry. Her ultimate goal is to redefine industry standards, providing premium beauty services, with exceptional customer service. Bella Lash & Beauty believes in enhancing not just outer beauty but also fostering a sense of empowerment and confidence within each client they serve.

Email: bellalashandbeautyco@gmail.com


“I'm Isabella Greco! The Founder of Bella Lash & Beauty. Our innovative services, programs, and products are created with passion to strive for excellence in the beauty industry. ”
Founder & Eyelash Extension Instructor
“I'm Sabrina Greco! I'm an Eyelash Educator and an Administrative Assistant for Bella Lash & Beauty. Whether you're training, booking a service, or shopping with us, you'll be satisfied with our quality!”
Eyelash Extension Educator
“I’m Meagan! I’m a Registered Practical Nurse specializing in lip filler and botox. As an Aesthetic Nurse my goal is to assist our clients in feeling confident and comfortable in their own skin!"
Aesthetic Nurse
"I’m Norelle Tsang! A certified lash technician who is ready to create stunning lash extensions to bring confidence and a touch of elegance to every client’s look!"
Norelle Tsang
Lash Technician
"I'm Jacqueline, a certified lash tech who fell in love with the art of lashing! I strive to create timeless looks that best compliment your features, and make life comfortable and easy!"
Jacqueline Ping
Lash Technician